Two Desks, 30 Years, and Countless F-Bombs

Finally publishing my first novel has been a long time coming. At this writing, I’m 53 years old and still wrestling with the silly ways I’ve been sabotaging this goal for at least 30 years of wanting to be a fiction novelist.

Also at this writing, the first 3 books in my first steamy rom-com series are in various stages of character-building chaos. Come what may, book #1 will be published in December 2021.

No more dilly-dallying! Let’s DO this authorpreneur thing!

Anyhoo. Little by little, f-bomb by f-bomb, I’m piecing together the love stories of these characters I’ve come to adore.

Speaking of f-bombs, if you’re not fond of them my books aren’t probably for you. Many of my characters will have spirited potty mouths.

Becca Spears is a prime example of this. She’s a sarcastic career-driven book publicist in Truth or Quickie, the first book of The Accidental Quickie Series set for release on Dec 3rd, 2021.

Firey expletives are Becca’s MO, especially when it comes to Dax Truman — the sexy, infuriating author she’s stuck with on a brief book tour across the snowy Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains of New York.

I’ll tell you more about Becca, Dax, and their “daring” escapades in the next blog post.

For now, here’s a bit more about me:

  1. I’m extremely lucky that I get to work from home and write about love. I think that’s a pretty delicious way to live, don’t you?
  2. Jennifer Evelyn Hayes is a pen name, but my “real” first name is also Jennifer. You can ask my mom.
  3. I’m a happily introverted homebody who rarely answers the phone or the door.
  4. I’m a cat mama, a beginner gardener, and I can play a few chords on the guitar but only the really easy ones.
  5. Oh, and my grammar is horrible. I apologize in advance for how that will become quickly obvious in this blog. Great editors are my heroes and very much essential to my success.


As for the two desks in the photos, they form my latest happy place. I found them on Amazon, where shopper pics showed me how two of them shoved together could create the large amount of L-shaped surface I craved.

This is where I often write while my cats nest on blankets in front of the window. This is where I sip coffee, update my many planners, and spend far too much time on YouTube.

It’s my writing life home base, in a room I’m still putting together with bookshelves and artwork and soon hopefully a small cozy nest of my own to curl up in with a book.





I’ll share more of this room with you, as the eclectic decor comes together. Plus, what it’s like to be a very flawed but hopeful writer letting my imagination take the wheel.

Thank you for being here!

XO – Jennifer

Next Time On The Blog…

  • Writing about quickies in the snow
  • On being teachable (I’m a writer course junkie!)
  • Building the bookcases
  • Sex & the City inspiration

Shout Outs and Links

Watch this space for some of my favorite books & courses, stuff from my photos, and people I support and adore.

MY DESKS can be found here. 

They are from the Key West line by Bush Furniture. You’ll want to get help putting them together, but I found them easy to assemble with two people.

GO READ THIS: Love in the City by Jen Morris, Book #1 of the Love in the City series!

“Find out what happens when a Kiwi girl ventures into the big city in this sexy and funny slow-burn romantic comedy about going after your dreams.” 

Jen and I met in a Facebook group of a course for indie writers called Publish & Thrive. (See more about P&T below.) We became critique partners and it’s been a huge pleasure to read her manuscripts before the rest of the world gets to enjoy her wonderful love stories!

Jen’s first rom-com series is set in New York City and she’s the QUEEN of amazing sex scenes. (Uh…no joke, Romance Lovers. These novels have very satisfying HEAT.)

The first two books are available now. Book #3 is coming soon!

Love in the City (Love in the City, Book #1)

You Know it’s Love (Love in the City, Book #2)

PUBLISH & THRIVE online course from Heart Breathings:

Publish & Thrive is an incredibly valuable course for self-publishing authors at all levels of experience, even if you haven’t released your first book yet. I first took it a couple of years ago and am allowed to go through it again over and over for free.

Click here to learn more and sign up for the next round. I believe it’s offered twice a year.

Publish & Thrive comes with loads of great tutorial videos, weekly live Q&As during the course, a private Facebook group, and a downloadable workbook full of resource links.

Heart Breathings creator and author Sarra Cannon helps writers get organized and cultivate a supportive mindset for success. Plus, all updates and bonuses Sarra periodically adds to the course are yours to enjoy for free as alumni too.


Please note that some links featured in this blog are affiliate links that, at no extra cost to you, might earn me some very appreciated income. You are lovely for supporting my blog and my friends by shopping from these links, thank you!


“Our chaperone has left the building,” Dax says. He leans back in his chair, nice and slow. “Let’s order champagne.” — Dax Truman, Truth or Quickie

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